Stefanie Stantcheva

Professor of Economics,
Harvard University



Here is some selected media coverage of my research.


New York Times “Trump is Waiting and He is Ready”: [Article]

NPR The Indicator “Even the Facts are Polarized”: [Podcast]

The Week “The Lie of the Immigrant Welfare Queen”: [Article]

Vox “Can populist economics coexist with pro-immigrant policies?": [Article]

Bloomberg Opinion “Why Hostility to Immigration Runs So Deep” : [Article]

ASSA The Deaton Review Session by Richard Blundell : [Slides]

“Entendez-vous l’éco?" sur France Culture : [Replay, in French]


Le Monde “Donner à chacun les moyens de mieux raisonner par soi-même” : [Article, in French]

Peterson Institute Conference on “Combating Inequality”, Session on Taxing Capital : [Video]

De Standaard on the Gaston Eyskens Chair 2019 : [Article, in Dutch]

De Tijd “Groene belasting werkt maar als je auto kan ruilen voor bus” : [Article, in Dutch]

Vanity Fair “The 50 most Influential French People in the World in 2019” : [Article, in French]

Pour l’Eco : [Video, in French]

France Info “L’invite eco” : [Video, in French]

New York Times coverage of our paper “Intergenerational Mobility and Support for Redistribution” : [Article]

Society Magazine : [Article, in French]

Rencontres Economiques de Aix Session “La fiscalite est-elle decisive pour nos comportements?" : [Video, in French]

Interview in Le Figaro : [Print version, in French] [Web version, in French]

Brussels Econ Forum Talk : [Video]

Op-ed on new French data and studies in Le Monde : [Article, in French]

Interview in Le Monde : [Article, in French]

Interview on TF1 : [Video, in French]

Short Presentation on Surveys, April 2019 : [Slides]

Interview in Le Monde : [Article, in French]

Alberto Alesina describes our research for Le Monde : [Article, in French]

Vox EU Video “Where does Innovation come from?" : [Video]


NBER Reporter Research Summary on “Taxation and Innovation” : [Article] [Full PDF]

Vox EU “Taxation and Innovation in the 20th Century” : [Article]

Vox EU “Misperceptions about Immigration and Support for Redistribution” : [Article]

Project Syndicate “The Fog of Immigration” : [Article]

Nominee for the Prix du meilleur jeune economiste francais 2018 by Le Monde : [Article, in French]

Project Syndicate “Prisoners of the American Dream” : [Article] [Video]


Stanford Policy Brief, Dec 2017 : [Policy Brief]

NBER Summer Institute 2017 Interview : [Video]


10 Big Ideas on Inequality at the Kennedy School : [Video]